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CBCT Interpretation Services

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Comprehensive Oral Radiology Reporting

Are you unfamiliar with a particular finding captured on a CBCT scan? Our comprehensive CBCT interpretation reports will provide you with clear and detailed information, ensuring there is no uncertainty. We address any clinical concerns in a thorough manner and support them with images that highlight relevant key findings for effective clinical treatment.

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Why would I refer to Oral Radiologists for CBCT Interpretation?


There is a timeless adage that states, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. At Oral Radiologists, we understand that even experienced dentists may not be fully aware of what they might be missing in a CBCT scan. Despite years of expertise in reading their own volumes, there's often more to uncover.


Our experience has shown that dentists, even those with extensive background, may not always catch everything in a CBCT. We specialize in identifying otherwise undetected dental diseases at a surprisingly high rate. This translates to more timely and accurate diagnoses for your patients, laying the foundation for the best possible treatment outcomes.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

The journey to optimal patient care begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, and that's where we excel. By choosing Oral Radiologists for your CBCT interpretation needs, you're investing in a level of expertise that brings hidden details to light. We invite you to experience the difference firsthand — try us today and discover what valuable insights you might be missing in your CBCT scans.

Benefits of referring CBCTs to Oral Radiologists for interpretation.

Embarking on the journey of referring CBCTs to us often begins with a moment of uncertainty. Dentists, like you, reach out when they encounter something perplexing in their images. We're here for those rare cases—a second set of eyes on an odd lesion seen in CBCT volumes.

However, what becomes clear to our referring partners over time is the profound advantage of having every CBCT read by a well-trained oral and maxillofacial radiologist. In these ongoing collaborations, the true value emerges. As oral radiologists, we possess the expertise to frequently diagnose dental diseases that might have gone unnoticed, resulting in enhanced revenue for your practice and superior treatment outcomes for your patients.

Consider the time saved, not just from meticulously examining each CBCT for accurate diagnosis but also the years of practice it takes to develop the proficiency to discern the subtle nuances. These saved hours are your opportunity to focus on what you do best—providing ideal care for your patients.

Join the ranks of those who've discovered the difference. Start benefiting from the expertise of oral radiologists today and elevate the standard of care in your practice.

Do all dental CBCTs have to be interpreted by a radiologist?

When it comes to dental CBCT interpretation, there's no legal requirement stating that every scan must be interpreted by an oral and maxillofacial radiologist, just as there are no laws restricting a dentist from undertaking various specialized treatments. It's akin to the freedom your dental license provides—empowering you to offer treatments aligned with your patients' health needs. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility to uphold a standard of care comparable to that of a specialist.

Consider the analogy of implant placement or surgical extractions. Dental school graduates are permitted to perform these procedures without additional training, even if they have never even witnessed them before. CBCT interpretation, on the other hand, differs. While a poorly executed surgery is immediately evident, a patient may never find out if something was missed or misdiagnosed in a CBCT. But isn't it equally crucial to provide the most accurate interpretation and diagnoses possible from images?

Dr. Mecham, during his tenure as a dental resident in the Air Force, had the privilege of placing numerous implants under the direct guidance of an oral surgeon. Ideally, CBCT interpretation would follow a similar model of hands-on learning. This is precisely the approach embraced by oral and maxillofacial radiology residency programs. These programs encompass 2-3 years of immersive tutelage under the guidance of experienced, board-certified oral radiologists. Yet, the learning journey doesn't stop there. Similar to dental school, a novice radiologist begins with a recognition of what they don't know, constantly seeking answers and refining their skills.

So, why choose us? Allow our experience to work for you. Let us meticulously analyze each CBCT volume, enabling you to redirect your focus towards more lucrative and rewarding aspects of patient care.


What is included in a CBCT Report? (CBCT Report Examples)

Follow this link for an explanation as well as examples of our thorough CBCT reports.

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