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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a case to the oral radiologist?

The first step is to Registerfor the website. Then you can login and choose Click here to Upload from the homepage. That will take you to an upload form. Where you fill out patient information, the desired service, and simply drag and drop the file, or in the case of cone beam CTs, the folder containing the files onto a box on the form. After waiting for the file(s) to upload, which may take several minutes for cone beam CTs, a blue Submit button will appear. See our detailed instruction page on how to submit a case


If you uploaded a case but do not see the message, “Case Uploaded Successfully“ it may not have uploaded to the site correctly. To check this, go to Your Account View Your Cases. You should see a row with your case in the “Cases Awaiting Radiologist Review“ section. It is likely that the case uploaded to our server correcly and we can still get the case. Please email us with any pertinent information regarding the case, including time of submission, date of scan and machine type. Omit any patient identifiers for HIPAA compliance. To avoid this problem in the future: 1.Use a Google Chrome browser, as this is the most predictable. 2.You may select from the list of services, “Other Service“. This avoids the link to a Paypal form, which is prevented by some browsers or pop-up blockers. We will bill you after the service is completed.

Is the process HIPAA complaint/secure?

Yes. Our form is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant. The files you submit upload directly to our private servers. There is no third party service involved so no one other than our radiologists will ever have access to the files you send.

How much does it cost to have a case reviewed by an oral radiologist?

Our current fee is $100 for a detailed cone beam interpretation and $85 for a standard interpretation. It is $50 for panoramic or other intraoral or extra oral 2-dimensional dental radio-graphs. We can be somewhat flexible if you have a large quantity of CBCTs to refer each month or if you take very small CBCT volumes. Email us at [email protected] if you would like to discuss a payment option . See our most current pricing table at the bottom of this page.

Is it legal for a cone beam to be read by radiologist out-of-state?

According to a majority of the state dental boards, as long as the radiologist is licensed in the state he is practicing it is fine to refer cone beam CTs and other radiographs. It is similar to referring to a pathologist living and working in another state. Please be aware of the recommendations and guidelines according to your own state and see this blog post about ADA and AAOMR recommendations.


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