CBCT Referral/Imaging Centers

It's not always necessary for every dentist to own his/her own Cone Beam machine, but we believe that no dentist should be without access to this beneficial imaging modality. With Cone Beam CT's being sold all over the country, there are many dentists and specialists, as well as imaging centers willing to accept patient referrals for scans.

We have started compiling a map of dental imaging centers and dental offices who own their own conebeams and are willing to accept patient referrals for imaging. If you would like to be added to this map, please email us at oralradiologists@gmail.com with the name, address and phone number of your practice as well as the type of practice it is (single, group, specialty, etc.).

Oral Radiologist Report Patient Flyers

We feel that it is imperative that a cone beam receives a written report by a qualified oral and maxillofacial radiologist. Litigation against dentists is becoming more and more common as lawyers realize the liability associated with Cone Beam CTs and the expertise required to interpret the images. We would recommend having a conversation with your malpractice carrier about whether it is a good idea to have a radiologist interpret cone beam images.

Many dentists worry about explaining to their patients the need for the additional cost associated with referring to a radiologist. We have made this patient flyer to explain to patients why it's important and in their best interest to have a radiologist review the images. Please contact us if you would like a number of these flyers for patient distribution.