How it works

In an effort to make the uploading a case as easy possible, I've created the
following video to help.

Here's a timeline of the video:

Time Actions
0:00 Saving CBCT files to desktop in Invivo or Treatment Studio.
3:30 How to Zip a folder to make it easier to upload.
4:25 Uploading to our website using Chrome.
7:45 Uploading using Firefox.
8:40 Uploading an Invivo files (.inv).
9:40 Uploading using Firefox.
11:10 How to transfer files to me using if it's not working.

The following are step-by-step instructions:

Step 1:

Using the “Register” link in the blue box from our home page, register as a user: pretty typical user registration form with user name, password, contact information, referral information. After registering, click “Login” in the same box and login with the user name and password you just created.

Step 2:

Now the blue box has changed to be able to submit
Click”Click Here To Upload”.

Step 3 :

On the submit form, fill in patient information, notes you want us to know about the case, then choose a service from the “Select a Service” box; click in the box and a drop-down menu will appear. For an official CBCT report, choose CBCT report. This will show the appropriate fee and will take you to a PayPal form after you submit the case. If you just want a quick opinion or to try the service without paying, click “Other Service”. This will avoid the payment process. Please at least send me an email with details about what you would like if choosing the free option:

Step 4:

Now from your computer, find the folder that contains the images you want to upload with the case. Hint: find where the image files are located, then go up a folder. Click, drag and drop the folder into the box labeled “Drop files here to upload”.

Step 5:

Wait patiently. CBCT’s usually have several hundred files that have to upload. Depending on your upload speed, this can take several minutes. Hint: you will see 5 files at a time, scroll to the bottom to see when the final files are uploading.

Step 6:

Once it has finished Uploading,the "Please Wait..." box will change to a Submit. After a moment you should see the message below. You will receive an email with a link to the report once it is complete.