Panoramic Anatomy Landmarks Labeled

I posted this to and some people expressed interest in getting better copies of it so I figured it was easy enough to paste it to my blog here. I threw it together from a pano that I had. It doesn’t show everything and I’ll try to find other examples showing different anatomical landmarks to post in the future. Feel free to email us if you have questions about these or about other panoramic anatomical landmarks.

  1. Zygomatic process of the maxilla (malar process)
  2. Posterior border of the maxillary sinus
  3. Pterygomaxillary fissure
  4. Pterygoid process
  5. Zygoma
  6. Zygomatic process of the temporal bone
  7. Articular eminence
  8. Condyle
  9. External auditory meatus
  10. Middle cranial fossa
  11. Lateral border of the orbit
  12. Infraorbital canal
  13. Middle meatus (downward curving radiolucent line crossing the midline)
  14. Interior turbinate (Large rounded radiopacity occupying most of the right half of the nasal cavity extending posteriorly and seen overlapping the maxillary sinus)
  15. Right side of the hard palate (ghost image of the other side is seen slightly superior and parallel to this line)
  16. Inferior border of the maxillary sinus
  17. Coronoid process (soft palate overlaps here and the lateral pterygoid plate can be seen protruding posteriorly from the maxillary tuberocity)
  18. Coronoid notch
  19. Soft palate
  20. Styloid process
  21. Calcification of the stylohyoid ligament
  22. Ear lobe
  23. Ghost image of the left inferior mandibular border (horizontal line)
  24. Inferior alveolar canal
  25. Base of tongue
  26. Chin rest
  27. Ghost image of spine (radiopaque and blurry with radiolucent areas)
  28. Bite tab
  29. Lateral fossa (radiolucent region at teeth apices, horizontal radiolucency represents the oral airway above the tongue)
  30. Anterior nasal spine

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